Message from the CAAC Borad

MESSAGE / 理事會致辭

Welcome to visit the CAAC website!

The Central Alabama Association of Chinese (CAAC) is a nonprofit organization to serve the Chinese community in central Alabama. The mission of the CAAC is to to support the local Chinese community, strengthen solid friendship, help and assist each other, build meaningful bridges, promote the sharing and exchange of Chinese culture, facilitate deep understanding among different ethnic groups, and contribute to the prosperity and development in central Alabama.

The CAAC was initiated and found in 1982 by a group of Chinese scholars working at universities and living in Montgomery, Alabama. In 1987 the organization was named the Central Alabama Association of Chinese. Since 1990s the CAAC grew rapidly as the new Chinese scholars and students with their families came to Montgomery. During the past 33 years, the CAAC has increasingly become a warm family of Chinese community in central Alabama and made ​​significant positive contributions toward our mission.

Over the years the CAAC conducted scheduled events including a Dragon Boat Festival, a Moon Festival Celebration, educational seminars for members and Chinese students, and a Chinese New Year Celebration. All these annual events are open to members, friends, and visitors who are interested in fellowship and are seeking to enhance their understanding of Chinese and American cultures.

Recently the CAAC is doing exceedingly well in fundraising and organizing a number of events toward our mission. In addition, the bylaws of the CAAC has been established, and the CAAC has been approved to be a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. In the years ahead we continue to commit ourselves to the excellence of the CAAC in serving our members and community, and we strongly believe that we are able to make a difference by working together.

We greatly appreciate the past presidents and former staff members of the CAAC for their insightful advice. And we look foward to continued participation and support from all of our CAAC memebers. Together, let’s continue to develop the Chinese community as a valuable and respected member of the American society.

CAAC Board